Asus Chromebook Release 2014 Till …

Asus Chromebook Release 2014 Till - C200 C300

Chromebooks Are Selling Out Faster Than Boston Red Sox Baseball Tickets; ABI Research Agrees. “An estimated 2.1 million Chromebooks were shipped in 2013. The forecast leads to believe an increase of annual growth rate to 28 percent and 11 million shipments in 2019.” are clearly making major gains against Apple and Windows at the low […]

New Asus Chromebook Easy On The Wallet

Clutching Wallet New Chromebook Asus

Buyers Eagerly Clutching Their Pocketbooks For Launch Of The New Asus Chromebook The greatly anticipated new Asus Chromebook is set to ship starting in late May early June. Last year it was announced that Google partner Asus would enter the Chromebook market, tempting us with at least two laptop options now available for preorder: The […]

Asus Selling C200 Chromebook for $250

Asus Selling C200 Chromebook for $250

Asus Selling Long Awaited C200 Chromebook Starting at $250 You must know that some stores are already offering pre-order services for this particular Chromebook. The hype for this Chromebook is so high that even before the official announcement from Asus about its launch; it is already available for pre-order in stores. Since the stores have […]

Why is Chromebook Popularity Surging?

Why is Chromebook Popularity Surging

Popularity of Chromebooks: Why so Serious? With so much anticipation and talk about the Asus Chromebook release date, one often wonders what the reason for the popularity of Chromebooks is!  by leaps and bounds. While price is definitely a reason, there is more to it. Google Docs instead of MS Office Organizations and people are fast realizing […]

When Is The Asus Chromebook Release Date?

When Is The Asus Chromebook Release Date

Asus Expected To Launch Long Awaited Asus Chromebook Once again the two giants from tech world Asus and Google entered into an amicable alliance for the launch of a new 2014 Asus Chromebook. This is not the first time when these masterminds worked on something fascinating as they two developed together first and second generation Nexus […]